San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Preview Night Starts with a Boom

So about those San Diego Comic-Con posts.  I’ve decided that I am going to try to do a blog post a day in August and I’d kick off my second consecutive blogging day by chatting yet again about Comic-Con.  I know I’ve talked about it on like three different podcasts now, but now there will be pictures, including this one that I took of the sunset from the airplane as we were landing in San Diego:

Jay and I left for San Diego in the evening on Tuesday, July 10.  We were lucky that the layover on our flight didn’t require us to get off the plane.  Since we were delayed leaving Raleigh, we never once had to worry about missing our connecting flight since we were the connecting flight.  Good times.  When we got to San Diego that night, we checked into the hotel and then headed to good old Fred’s in the Gaslamp District, where we met up with Clif & Jana for $2 tacos & cheap but strong margaritas.  Good times, good times.

On Wednesday, July 11, everyone else started to trickle into town.  Jay and I left the hotel mid-morning with the goal of going to Jamba Juice for a smoothie (I’d never had a smoothie there before).  We didn’t actually make it to Horton Plaza to get said smoothie until like 2 hours later, so I was starving and cranky by then, lol.  But we did have a fun morning walking around downtown San Diego.  We checked out the Padres store and the new bar where the Jay and Jack meet-up would be and just enjoyed the calm before the storm.  We met up with Jana, Clif, Natasha, and Austin at Horton Plaza and made plans to meet at the trolly station a little while later to begin our annual trip Wednesday Trip to In-N-Out, followed by a usually needed Target run.

While at In-N-Out, we had a bit of excitement.  First, Michael introduced me to Animal Style fries.  I’d heard of them, but never tried.  DELISH.  Second, a truck blew up right across the street from us!  It was actually kinda crazy.  It caught fire, so there was a ton of smoke, which is what drew everyone’s attention to it in the first place.  Then, as we’re looking at the flames, there’s a huge “Boom!” as the fire reached the gas tank and it blew.  Luckily, no one was hurt.

We went straight from In-N-Out to the San Diego Convention Center to pick up our badges.  I managed to find the bar code for registration on my phone just in time.  Afterwards, we pretty much hung out in the Sails Pavilion, chatting with members of the gang as they arrived and got their badges.  Once it hit 6pm, we settled down in Ballroom 20 to watch the pilots being presented.

First up was 666 Park Avenue with Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa L. Williams.  I enjoyed it and I think everyone else with me also really liked it.  I didn’t know it was based on a book, but now I want to read it.  The show had that American Horror Story feel to it, but without being so campy and Ryan Murphy-ized.  Right now, it feels like it could be endanger of becoming somewhat predictable BUT I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised and I’m definitely going to watch it this fall.

The second preview was Arrow.  I missed most of this one because I needed to go back to the Hyatt real quick to get a sweater.  It was so cold in the Convention Center this year that even the boys thought it was too cold.  I swear the A.C. must’ve been set for 60.  Since this is the first time in like 5 years that Jay hadn’t been a part of the mad line to rush into the Exhibit Hall for toys, he decided to brave the floor with Michael while I ran to the hotel.  We met back in 20 to watch the third pilot of the night: The Following with Kevin Bacon.  I cannot praise this show enough.  It was my favorite of the night.  It is about a serial killer who escapes from prison and the damaged FBI agent that put him away years earlier who is called out of retirement to help catch him again.  It also stars James Purefoy and Maggie Grace.  Jay, Jack, & I watched the pilot a second time before they had their panel and liked it even more.  Too bad it won’t be out until January.  Beware: there are gory parts.

The fourth pilot of the night was the highly anticipated Revolution, co-created by JJ Abrams and Eric Kripke.  I regret to say that I didn’t love it.  Our group was pretty split on it, actually.  Jay liked it but Mike and Gabby hated it.  I thought it was okay and worth further watching while Jack thought it was bad until the last 5 minutes.  I think if it goes back to the editing room a little bit and they focus on certain storylines over others, it has the potential to be a really good show.  The premise isn’t the problem at all.  It’s a great premise: one day, out of nowhere, the world loses all of its power.  No more air conditioning, no more refrigerators, no more hair dryers or computers or cell phone service or anything that makes today’s society today’s society.  Problems: Bad acting, meh characters, and everyone looks like their models despite not having the means to do their hair and make-up anymore.  It’s not beyond redemption, though.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

The last pilot of the night was Cult.  By that time, we were all a little bit TV’d out, so we headed over to Fred’s for the second night in a row.  There was a good sized group of us and we all had a really great night.  Jim, Jay & I walked back to the hotel around midnight and called it a night.  It was a fantastic first day of San Diego Comic-Con 2012.

More of the week tomorrow.  Scouts honor.


Jay has returned home.

Meeting up with Jana & Clif for $2 tacos & margs.

In-N-Out love.

Picture or it didn’t happen!  Proof that a truck blew up outside of In-N-Out while we were eating there on July 11.

At the Convention Center waiting for Preview Night to start.  Let Comic-Con begin.

I’m official.

Some of the gang in Ballroom 20 watching pilots for Preview Night.

Ending Preview Night with a delicious margarita.

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