San Diego Comic-Con 2012: A Bacon Filled Saturday

We had a lot of excitement on Friday, July 13, so it was nice to start Saturday off on a much calmer note.  Jay headed to the Convention Center to explore the Exhibit Hall at his own leisure and I loaded up my iPod and decided to go for a little walk around San Diego.  I may or may not have ended up at the Downtown San Diego Lululemon store, haha.  We met back up late-morning to grab some lunch before the Jay & Jack panel started.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that the service at our longtime Comic-Con favorite eatery Cine Cafe was a bit of a disappointment this year.  Saturday is when we really noticed it.  When we went in there, there was no one ahead of us in line.  We must’ve been right in between the lunch crowd.  I ordered a grilled cheese with bacon while Jay ordered at BLT.  We weren’t super pressed on time, but we didn’t want to have to be in a rush to get to the panel, so we ordered things we felt were fairly simple and easy to make.  Well.  After getting some attitude from the guy behind the counter, we then waited for almost 30 minutes to get our simple sandwiches.  There were a lot people who ordered after us who got their food before us.  It wouldn’t have been a big deal if the people working behind the counter had been nicer.  When we finally got our food, my grilled cheese didn’t have any bacon on it.  Again, wouldn’t have been a big deal if they had been nicer, if I hadn’t waited forever, and if I hadn’t had to pay extra for the bacon.  The positive?  When I took it back up there, I was given extra bacon.  It was a bacon sandwich with some cheese.  omfg my mouth is watering just thinking about it now.

ANYWAY.  ENOUGH ABOUT BACON.  The Jay and Jack Panel went really well this year!  Jo was on it for a bit to talk Lost and promote her charity auction “Cancer Gets Lost,” which goes to the National Brain Cancer Society.  Please check it out; it all goes to a good cause and they’re auctioning off  A LOT of awesome stuff for Lost fans.  They were back in the Convention Center and had a great turnout.  There were even people in costume.  I love watching Jay up on “stage.”  I get so proud!

Jay, Jack, and Jo (JOpinionated)

After the panel was over, Jay, Jack, Lynn, Cesar, and I all headed over to Room 6BCF to watch the panels for The Following and Person of Interest.  This year was the first year in a while that Jay’s family didn’t come to see their panel and then hang out with us afterwards.  It felt really weird.  We really missed getting to see them. 🙁  The panels were alright.  I don’t think they had the best moderators, to be honest.  That said, I am so glad we went because even Michael Emerson at half his energy is a good time!  Plus, I was in the same room as Kevin Bacon!  I love bacon.  Jay and I hit up the Exhibit Hall floor for a little while after the panels were over; we headed to the Kevin Smith panel to finish up the night.

We stayed in Hall H for Kevin Smith for a little over an hour before we decided to leave to hit up Fred’s again.  I must say that I was tired and cranky by then.  I was also really disappointed in how shitty Fred’s was that night.  I know I must’ve a godawful bitch to be around for that first hour and I do apologize to anyone who I may have put off with my bad attitude.  I’m sorry.  I felt much better once I got a margarita in me, lol.  But seriously, we had a bad experience at Fred’s that night.  I wish we had gone elsewhere – and I was probably the only person who was pushing for us to stay.  Mea culpa.  I was wrong; next year, we’re not going to Fred’s beyond Wednesday night!

Despite ending it sorta letdown, Saturday was a lot of fun.  Looooooved The Following pilot even more the second time around.  Enjoyed hearing people make “Remember when you were Jesus?” references to poor Jim Caviezel.  Got a sandwich filled with bacon AND got to see Kevin Bacon.  Couldn’t have been more pleased with how the Jay and Jack panel went.  AND it was great to get to see/hang out with Lynn again.  I’d say that awesome outweighed the not-so-awesome on Saturday.

From the Jay and Jack panel at Comic-Con 2012.

We got to see Lynn again this year 🙂

The Following Panel

Person of Interest Panel

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