Bring on the Beach

It may be August 10 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!), but today is my first Summer Day!  Yay!  Jay is also off today, so we are going to the beach.  F*ck the 40% chance of rain!  A day off is a day off.  I’m so excited because I haven’t been to a beach since our honeymoon and I haven’t been to a beach to just hang out since July 2, 2010.  Yeah, most likely we are going to drive 3 hours to get rained on and then drive back, but whatever.  Bring on the beach!

P.S. Jay just started blogging again.  Check out his blog here:  I hope he keeps it up 🙂

UPDATE: We didn’t go to the beach 🙁 Stupid rain.  I’m mad disappointed.

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