“Heyyy, Tooonyyy!” Video Exists.

Jay just got a new computer (a MacBook Air) and while he was going through files on his old computer and on his external hard drive, he came across a folder titled, “Old Pics.”  He was going through it for fun when all of a sudden I heard him exclaim, “OH MY GOD!  I cannot believe this is in here!!!”  Turns out a portion of the infamous “Heyyy Tooonyyy!” prank call from San Diego Comic Con 2009 was caught on video.  I’m not sure who took the video or why, but it’s from the car ride back to our hotel.  There wasn’t enough room in the car, so Jay, Kolkie, and Clif took the trolley back while the rest of us drove.  I was trying to get an update on where they were.  They tried to convince me that they had run into a friend of Kolkie’s named Tony at a bar on the way to the trolley and were hanging out with him instead.  I *think* the story is that somewhere along the way, they had lost Jay (who was now pretending to be this guy “Tony”).  If I am remembering incorrectly and you were there, please let me know in the comments section so anyone else reading this knows the right story too.

Basically, they kept this charade up for a really long time and I lost my shit by the end of it.  I was so mad at all three of them, most particularly Jay.  You can hear me started to get pissed in this video, but it’s so fucking funny 3 years later that I had to share it.  Warning: If you weren’t there, you will probably think this is one of the stupidest blog posts I have ever made.  That said, enjoy!

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