August Photo-a-Day Recap

I cannot believe another month has gone by.  I don’t think that topic wise this was my favorite month, but I must say that I think I took some of my favorite Instagram pictures during this month (days 3, 4, 17, 18, 22, 24, and 26).  I discovered a few new iPhoto filter apps (blog post on that is forthcoming) and took my time with each picture every day.  I think I put most of my photos up at night this month.  For a month that went so quickly, I really couldn’t tell you much that happened, haha.  Going back through these pictures actually was a good thing, since it helped me remember some of the stuff I did last month!

Anyway, here are the thumbnails of my pictures from August’s Photo-a-Day Challenge.  Click to enlarge, hover over each imagine to see the original text that appeared with the picture, including the topic.  If you want to join in on the September fun, here’s the list.

Day 1: Outside. A scene from my walk this evening.  Day 2: One.  One more day until Jay is back [from 2 weeks in Austin]!  Day 3: Coin.  Insert any spare coin in here!

Day 4: Somewhere You Sat.  On the papasan!  Day 5: Logo.  My awesome neon yellow new kicks! Day 6: Writing. Trying to do a blog post a day in August.  We'll see if I can make it.

Day 7: 8 o'clock. I was just walking into my office at 8 o'clock this morning.  Day 8: Glasses. A rare pic of me in my glasses. I never wear them in public because I hate how I look in them!  Day 9: Messy.  Messy hair when I woke up this morning.

Day 11: Purple. I own a lot of purple workout stuff.  Day 12: Spoon.  Sunday is fun cereal day!Day 10: Ring. Rings of sunshine.

Day 13: Simple.  "Ah, the simple life."  Day 14: Arrow.  Bullet board in Jay's man cave.  Day 15: Ready. Psyching myself up to be ready to shoot some wheat grass.

Day 16: Food. Mmmm, pizza.  Day 17: Faces.  The faces of my fabulous grandparents. [Photo credit: My sister]  Day 18: Inside. Looking down at the inside of the candles that my sis Katelyn made for me.

Day 19: Hole. Hole in the middle of my olive. Yum garlic!  Day 20: Today. Had a day off, so I went for a walk, hung out with Zoe, ate Hibachi (my fav!) & watched TV by candlelight with Jay. A good day.  Day 21: Cool. Nick is too cool for school.  This cracks me up.

Day 22: Home. Home is wherever I'm with you.  Day 23: Pair. My pair of decorative Yankee Candle holders.  Day 24: Path. Part of the path around the lake behind my office.

Day 25: Fresh. Fresh, cold draft of Octoberfest. This = acceptance that summer is ending.   Day 26: Dream. My dream house has a porch like this one. Love this house.  Day 27, Part 1: Tap.

Day 27, Part 2: Tap. I am Zoe's personal water tap. (I hated my 1st picture so did a do-over.)  Day 28: Clock. My boss let me take a picture of her non-working clock.  Day 29: Down. Looking down at the courtyard view from my office window. Lake to the left, courtyard to the right.

Day 30: Card. Card aisle at Target.  Day 31: Hidden. We celebrated the Blue Moon at work with a Blue Moon. Can you spot the hidden orange?

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