September Photo-a-Day Roundup

Holy crap.  Another month gone.  I can’t believe it.  September felt similar to July in that it was a tumultuous month, filled with fun things and bad news.  I had some GREAT times in September – we had a fun work event, my parents visited, I saw Fiona Apple, and some of my girlfriends from Marist came to visit from NY (the last 2 points are coming in the next few days).  But there was always the undertone of what’s going on with my family back on Long Island, and when you live with a constant weight of worry and guilt that you’re not there for someone who has been there for you 110% of the time, it takes its toll.  In a way, I can’t wait for 2012 to end so I can be rid of this stupid year.

But anyway, I didn’t mean to be a downer.  I have some fun posts that I’ve been working on that are coming up.  I have an INSANE week ahead of me, so I’ll probably be Internet scarce since I won’t be home very much between now and next Sunday night.  I should still be able to have some posts up though, so check back or subscribe to get them via email.  ALRIGHT!  That said, here are my entries for September’s Photo-a-Day topics (#fmsphotoaday).  I missed a few of them this month, but did about 93% of it!  If you want to play along for October, here’s the list.  Click to enlarge any of these pictures and hover over the thumbnail to read the original text that went with each one.  Enjoy!

Day 2: Dad. My dad walking me down the aisle. :)  Day 3: Far Away.  PIcture of Sept. 30's Blue Moon taken from very far away.Day 1: You, Now. Recording MetroBuzz

Day 4: Inside Your Mailbox. Actually, inside everyone in my apartment complex's mailboxes lol. Mailman showed up at 5:40pm!  Day 5: Bright. The light in Jay's Man Cave.  Day 6: Everyday.  It's not everyday a praying mantis hitches a ride on your windshield all the way from Raleigh into Cary.

Day 7: Natural. My new cool SuperNATURAL t-shirt.  Day 8: At Night. Hosting a belated 21st birthday party for Jay's sister Kayla.  Day 9: Something You Do Most Weekends.  (Mat) Pilates.

Day 10: Black & White.  Day 11: Hero. I love this picture of these heroes.  Never forget.  Day 12: Together.

Day 13: Table. Time to change the candle decorations on my table for fall.  Day 14: Favorite. Italian food & a good glass of wine is (tied for) my favorite dinner.  Day 15: First Thing You Saw. The first thing I saw when I looked at this tree was a sloth.

Day 16: Strange. It's quite strange to see a name plate on my desk.  Day 18: Price. Celebrating getting through a huge work event with my coworkers: priceless. Whew!  Day 19: Underneath. [To my former coworker & his wife], look what Jay found underneath a pile of papers in the man cave!

Day 20: Man-made. Stairway up the Greenway.  Day 21: Sometimes. Sometimes, I'm amazed at how pretty the sky can look.  Day 22: Up. Looking up & begging for dinner.

Day 24: 3 Things.  Me, a glass of wine, and Castle.  Day 25: Frame. The newest addition to our mantle: picture & frame to honor our 5 year dating anniversary :)  Day 27: Love/Hate. I both love and hate Gar hehehehe <3

Day 28: A Good Thing.  It's a good thing we have a good sense of humor.  Day 29: Errand. Ran a little errand today and found this in my mailbox.  Day 30: You, Then.  Me, in the 5-7 age range.

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