Kelly Clarkson Covers Adele

A “programming note” for the week – I had worked on a whole bunch of posts before life got super crazy this past month and my goal is to finish most of those and post them.  They include photo apps recommendations, a healthy recipe, and some other stuff.  I think life will be a bit quieter for the next couple days, so fingers crossed and please stay tuned (all 8 of you who subscribe to this blog, lol).

Anyway, my sister sent me the link to this video a few weeks ago and I’ve held onto it since then with the intention of posting it on here.  I figured now was as good a time as any.  It’s Kelly Clarkson covering Adele’s “Someone Like You.”  You know, before I watched this, I was inclined to say that no one would cover “Someone Like You” unless they’re doing some sort of radical cover of it.  After watching this, I’m reminded of how talented Kelly Clarkson really is.  Though based on how awesome her live version of “Beautiful Disaster” is, I shouldn’t be surprised.  I’ll stop babbling now.  Enjoy!

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