October Photo-a-Day Roundup

I can’t believe yet another month has gone by.  Two more months left of 2012 and then I can put this entire crappy year behind me.  October continued to be a really busy, stressful-at-times month for me.  My grandfather spent the first week of October in the hospital.  I had a lot of work events during the beginning of the month.  But it was also a fun month.  Jay & I went home to Long Island during the first weekend and my Divas came to visit during the second weekend.  I recorded a couple podcasts in between, including a guest stint on “Destroy All Movies” to talk about the movie Battleship.  With the help of the Great Rob, managed to quickly rid this blog of a spam attack.  I got my hair cut, saw some movies, wasted 2 days in front of the T.V. watching Hurricane Sandy coverage, and found out that MetroBuzz got nominated for a Podcast Award!

Anyway, as I have done every month this year, here are my submissions for the October Photo-a-Day Challenge by FatMumSlim.  I only missed 3 days, I believe.  My favorites were Day 1, 10, 16, & 24.  I hit my personal best for “Likes” on Instagram for Day 31, which was so unbelievable to me that I was convinced for part of yesterday that it was spammers liking it and I was afraid to check who had actually liked it, just in case it was a false number.  Here’s the list for November’s Photo-a-Day Challenge.  If you’re going to play, follow me in Instagram (User name: Colleen84) so I can follow you back.  Happy November, everyone! 🙂

Day 1: Where You Stood. After four fun days of nonstop eating, drinking, & laying, it's back to working out for this girl.  Day 2: Lunchtime. Free lunch at our work event today.  Day 3: This Happened Today. (At the dr's office for a check-up.)

Day 4: What I Read. This is my current reading list. I'm really far behind.  Day 6: I'm Thankful For... My grandpa finally gets to go home!  Day 7: Light. Up in the air, you get the last of the light (and sometime's the day's only light).

Day 8: Angle. Umbr-ella, ella, ella, eh eh eh  Day 9: Red.  Day 10: Emotion. Content, comfortable, relaxed. Take your pick.

Day 11: Something Close Up. Flower on my desk at work.  Day 12: On the table. Soda on a table at work.  Day 13: Landscape. At the NC State Fair with Amanda, Julia, Allison, & Meagan.

Day 14: Makes You Laugh. These girls made me laugh all weekend.  Day 15: Dinnertime. Dinner date with Jay!  Day 16: Something You Wrote. My notes for recording the Fringe Podcast with Jack.

Day 17: Fruit. I know, this lame picture's a lemon.  Day 18: Makes You Smile. Zoe's cute little face makes me smile.  Day 19: Letters.

Day 20: 4 o'clock.  At 4:00PM today, I was getting my hair cut!  Day 21: Calm. Scene from my walk.  Day 22: In Your Town. Today is actually the first day in 2 weeks that the State Fair isn't in town.

Day 23: The View From Here. Looking out my office window; the view to the left.  Day 24: Weather. Calm, sunny, and fall-y.  Day 26: What You're Listening To. I'm listening to outdoor noises while watching the purple & red sky.

Day 27: Morning. This morning, I went for a run & then took a Pilates class (and then went to Wal-Mart, but really, who wants a picture of that?)  Day 28: Looking Back. I love this picture circa 1994 of Katelyn, Christie, & Matt. hahaha <3  Day 30: Clothes. It's been so cold in Raleigh thanks to Hurricane Sandy that Jay busted out his winter jacket.

Day 31: Anything You Want. Happy Halloween from me and Zoe!

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