Obligatory 12-12-12 Post

I must start out my 12-12-12 post with some good news: Arrested Development is getting more new episodes!  Instead of just 10 new episodes, we may get 12-15 more chances to hang out with the Bluth family.  According to Nellie Andreeva at Deadline:

I’ve learned that, during production on the 10 new episodes ordered by Netflix, Hurwitz shot more material than planned and also came up with ideas for additional scenes and storylines. Hurwitz, producing studio 20th Century Fox TV and Imagine TV approached Netflix, which agreed to expand the order to what I hear will be 12-15 episodes.

Woo-ho0!  This makes me so happy.  I absolutely refuse to believe that the new AD episodes will be anything less than top-notch.  This makes me want to do a dance.


So anyway, Jay and I have had a busy December so far.  Heck, we still have a busy December ahead of us!  Last Saturday, December 1, we had the first of my many work Christmas parties.  This one was at the Angus Barn, an expensive local steakhouse.  The food was delicious and the wine flowed free.  It was a really fun night.  The next day, Jay didn’t have to be at work until 1:00pm, so we lounged around, went to a bagel place for a tried-and-true hangover comfort/cure of bacon, eggs, & cheese on an everything bagel.  After Jay went to work, I set about gathering materials needed for making my Twitter Secret Santa gift this year.  [Note: That post is already written up and set to go up on December 26.]  Last weekend was a really great weekend.  Here’s a picture of Jay and I before we left for the Angus Barn on Dec. 1:


This past Friday, December 7, we headed to the Hilton North Raleigh for my 2nd work Christmas party.  The first one was a company party; this one was a party for all of the members (lawyers) that belong to the Wake County Bar Association, so it was put on by my office.  This one wasn’t a sit down dinner like the other one – it was held in the Grand Ballroom with about 400-500 people.  There was a buffet, open bar for wine & beer, and a dance floor with a live band.  It was also a ton of fun and I’m glad that Jay & I got to dance up a storm for a little bit.  When we woke up on Saturday, my body hurt again but this time for a whole different reason.  I walked around all night long and danced in my sparkly super high heels without ever taking them off or sitting down more than maybe 30 minutes over the course of the 4.5 hours we were there.  It felt like I had done 4 hours of Pure Barre.  Here’s a picture of us before leaving to go to the Hilton on Friday:


I got my haircut on Saturday, then rested up my poor sore body before heading out to an ugly sweater/chili cook-off party that evening.  Let me tell you – chili tasting is a lot of fun, haha.  I had a seriously good time.  We went to Jay’s parents’ house for brunch on Sunday, then watched the first half of the Chargers game before leaving to run errands.  That evening, I tried making a new quinoa recipe (that blog post is also written and set to go up on Sunday or Monday; I’m too lazy to look it up right now).  It was another pleasant Sunday and another great weekend.

Today, Jay and I set out to our local credit union for the 3rd time to try to take care of all of the remaining paperwork on his new GTI.  If you are a subscriber of Jay and Jack TV or listen to Jay & Jack’s Ramblecast, then you’ve heard the first part of the story.  There’s 2 more parts and none of them end with us actually having the title to the damn car yet!  But that’s a post for another day…

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