Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Camera +?

I still have that post I started working on 2 months ago about my favorite iPhone camera apps.  I am really not sure why I never finished it since I was more than halfway through it other than it just got to be a busy week at work and I guess I never had the motivation to go back.  I think it was because I planned on putting pictures of each app in and got lazy.  Guess now I’m setting a goal to finish that post before the end of the year.  Good thing I’ll be spending a lot of time in airports over the next week-and-a-half!

That said, – spoiler alert – my favorite out of all of the camera filter apps (this opinion was in place well before the Instagram Scandal) is Camera+.  I pretty much use it for 80% of my pictures.  I highly recommend it.  Now, I have another reason to freaking love Camera +.  Their most recent update, released Dec. 19:


This cracks me up because they just recently had an update for bug fixes and I’m pretty sure there wasn’t really much to be fixed this time around.  I also remember their last sudden update, right after Facebook bought Instagram:


Have I mentioned how much I love Camera+?

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