Fuck, I’m old! I can’t believe this is my last year in my 20s. I don’t feel old – other than my knees when I walk down stairs lol – but I’m approaching the age formerly known as “Over the Hill.” I’m not upset about turning 29, but it feels so weird to say, “I’m 29!” because I just don’t feel 29. Other than the minor things such as I feel worse going to bed after midnight than before, my knees do hurt, and I’ve noticed losing weight is a bit harder than it used to be (but I think I gain it slower than before too which is weird?), I still feel like I’m 23. I guess I’m more mature; I don’t have as many Twiter outburst or tantrums as before lol but still. I don’t feel 29.

Then again, 29 is my lucky number, so I have to make this year count so the number can live up to its reputation! I would like to finish my book within the next 365 days, so there’s that. I’m actually going to try to write a lot of it while Jay & I are on the airplane to and from California on Tuesday, so is you haven’t sent me anything yet, speak now! Email JayandColleen@gmail.com!

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes. They mean so much! I’m writing this post from a bar on my phone, haha. I did a Pure Barre class right before coming here. There’s no better way to celebrate my birthday than drinking, blogging, and exercising. I’m a happy, happy girl. Thank you to Jay for giving me a GREAT birthday and thank you to Sara for taking me out on my birthday while Jay is at work. I’m such a lucky girl!! 🙂

P.S. The writing challenge post will be tomorrow. I couldn’t do *that* from a bar, silly heads. Stay tuned…

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