February ’13 Photo-a-Day Roundup

Holy crap, we’re in March already.  I feel like February never even happened.  I started out with all the best intentions to do every day of February’s Photo-a-day challenge, but somehow, the days just got away from me.  A few of them, like “In Your Refrigerator” (Day 15), I couldn’t do because I wasn’t at home to show the inside of my own refrigerator and a couple of them I did take pictures for but never got around to posting, like “Entrance” (Day 11) and “Where You Ate Lunch” (Day 12).  Ah, well.  There’s always March’s challenge.

Anyway, the same thing applies as every month.  Click to enlarge and hover over each image to see the original text that accompanied it.  Enjoy!

Day 1: Fork.  Day 2: Pattern.  Black & White.  Day 3: Something That Starts with "E." The awesome earrings Jay got me for Christmas this year!

Day 4: Hope. First thing I thought of when I thought about what could mean hope.  Day 7: Your Name.  Colleen means 'girl' in Gaelic.  Day 8: Something Orange.  The clouds in tonight's sunset were a beautiful pink and orange.

Day 9: Guilty Pleasure.  Leftover red velvet cheesecake.  Day 10: 3 O'Clock.  I was going for a run at 3:00 p.m.  Day 14: Love is... Still enjoying each other's company for a day, hehe.

Day 16: Perfect. Great trip to San Diego, with a perfect beach day!  Day 17: In Your Hand.  A lovely heart necklace made out of beach glass for me by Aunt Cindy! :)  Day 18: Something You Don't Like to Do.  Well, it's something Jay doens't like to do, but proof that one day, Jay did actually run during a Little League game.

Day 19: I Am... Happy to announce that Hallmark is NOT closing, so don't believe the hype, haha.  Day 20: Where You Stood.  Outisde a mission in Ventura, CA on Monday night. Awesome place.  Day 22: Makes You Smile.  Jay's grandma & aunts are making us a wedding quilt out of our favorite colors.  I LOVE it & it makes me smile.

Day 23: A Word.  The name of the trail I walked on the other day.  Day 24: Cloud.  No clouds in the sky at all on Feb. 25.  65 & Sunny.  Too bad every day before & since have been cloudy or rainy!  Day 27: Playing.  Lost soccer ball along the Greenway next to an elementary school, left over from kids playing with it.

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