March 2013 Photo-a-Day Roundup

I missed 10 days last month and often times caught up late.  It wasn’t that I was so busy in March or wasn’t into it, I just didn’t feel like thinking up pictures for the topics, sometimes, lol.  Anyway, same rules as always apply – click to enlarge or just hover over a thumbnail to see the original text that accompanied each picture.  The pictures for Days 5 and 19 are my favorites.  I’m going to do better in April!  Speaking of, here’s the link to April’s challenge.  Enjoy!

Day 1: "L" is For... Laughing.  Zoe makes me laugh.  Day 2: I Made This! My favorite smoothie: "Peanut Butter & Jelly" - Raspberries, Blueberries, & Peanut Butter (with spinach thrown in but you can't taste it).  Day 3: Key.  Where we hang our keys.

Day 5: Under. Under the Raleigh Sunset.  Too cheesy?  Day 8: Favorite. In case you couldn't tell, sunset pictures are my favorites. Wednesday, March 6's sunset.  Day 9: Faceless Self-Portrait.

Day 10: I Want... to wish you all a happy Sunday!  Day 11: Important. Happy Birthday to one of the most important people in my life, my amazing grandpa. <3  Day 12: In the Distance. We had some weird clouds all day today.

Day 13: Sound. At the movies, so this Instagram is in surround. (See what I did there?)  Day 14: Tasty. Sharing a tasty bottle of local wine with Jay, bought from the winery we visited on Sunday.  Day 16: 9 o'clock. trying to catch up on my back catalogue of magazines tonight...

Day 17: Green.  Day 18: Shoes.  Day 19: A sign. File this under "Street Names I Want to Live On."

Day 22: About You. I use Fridays during Lent as an excuse to eat way too much pizza.  Day 24: Up. This dinner gets 2 thumbs up from birthday boy Jay. Can I also use this to count as Day 26: Something You Did?  Day 27: Pair. Insert cheesy tagline here. <3

Day 28: In the Mirror.  Day 29: Goodnight. Celebrating Christie's 24th birthday...I mean the 24th anniversary of the last time Katelyn & I threw up on the same times. :D  Day 30: Relax. Keep calm and eat ice cream.

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