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Tales-from-the-Cask-Podcast-mimsHey everyone!  Last month, friends of ours and members of the Jay & Jack community started a podcast that I want to recommend to everyone to check out.  It’s called “Tales from the Cask” and is presented to you by Chip Mims and his team at Mims Distributing. (Jay & Jack peeps: You’ll know Chip as the “Beer Guy” who has generously donated cases of beer that we drink at the Autism Speaks Podcast every year.)  On Tales from the Cask, Chip, Jennifer, and Tony share their love and knowledge about the beer industry and talk about their favorite brews.  They also interview different people in the beer industry, do taste tests on new brews, and share “insider” type stories on how beer distribution works.  Jay and I had the pleasure of being there while they recorded episodes 1 & 3 and had a blast.  We also got our own little private tour of their really awesome facility.  If you’re into beer, then you’ll really dig this podcast.  Please check it out and if you have time, leave them a nice review on iTunes.  Chip, Jennifer, Tony, and everyone else that we’ve met at Mims Distributing are good, good people.

You can subscribe to Tales from the Cask here on iTunes:

Or download it directly from here:

Contact info:

  • Website: Forthcoming. It exists, I’ve seen a version of it, but it’s not live quite yet.  I’ll update this page when it’s live.
  • Twitter:
  • Email:
  • Phone: (919) 502-0280


The Tales from the Cask gang toasting after recording their first podcast episode.

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