Bitch or Ho?

I know I Tweeted this last week, but I thought it was worth putting the question out there for discussion.

So while we were driving back from New York, Jay and I heard Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” on New York City radio station Z100.  You know the “You the hottest bitch in this place” line in the song?  Well, as most radio stations tend to do when it comes to words like “bitch,” “fuck,” or “sex,” they didn’t play it.  Instead, they very poorly dubbed over the word “bitch”…with the word “ho.”

Yes, that’s right.  They replaced calling a woman a bitch with calling a woman a ho!


How on Earth is that any better?  I think I’d rather be called “the hottest bitch this place” than “the hottest ho in this place.”  I think women have somewhat started to take the word ‘bitch’ back!  Good Lord.

So the question I pose to you for discussion is this: What’s worse?  Being called a bitch?  Being called a ho?  Or are both equally as offensive?  Am I missing something here?  Why replace bitch with ho?!


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