642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 30

This one is in honor of the six year anniversary of when Jay and I started dating, which is on Monday, July 29.  I’m really looking forward to hearing everyone else’s answers.  Leave ’em in the comments.

Pick one decision you’ve made in your life – a move, job, or relationship.  How would your life be different now if you’d made a different choice? 

As much as I would like to believe that “true love conquers all,” I don’t know if Jay and I would have made it if one of us didn’t move to be in the same location as the other one.  Long distance relationships are really difficult.  I don’t think you can successfully have one unless there is an end in sight.  Moving to Raleigh, North Carolina is the one decision I have made in my life that changed the entire course of it.  If I hadn’t moved down here in February 2009, I don’t know if Jay and I would still be together, let alone happily married with a kitty.

I could go further decisions back and say going to Marist College or visiting Raleigh in April 2007, but I don’t think those are sustainable answers.  Yes, going to Marist led me to meet John, which led us to starting MetroBuzz, but we didn’t really become good friends until after college was over.  And that stemmed from both of us connecting over listening to The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack.  We could’ve come into contact over the LP message boards or in some other way and decided to do MetroBuzz.  I truly believe that.  As for choosing to visit Chapel Hill in April 2007 – well, Jay and I were both going to San Diego Comic-Con that July.  We would have met there and our relationship could’ve just been delayed 3 months.  If you’re meant to meet and be together, the universe is going to bring you together.

The main hurdle was staying together and I could be wrong, that was primarily overcome by me moving here.  Jay was still in school full time until May 2010, so he wasn’t going to be able to go anywhere.  Our first year together was great, but our second year was more stressful and 99% of the petty arguments we had were distance related.  That’s why our very first answer whenever someone asks, “How do you make a long distance relationship work?” is always “Have an end game.”

How would my life be different now if I hadn’t made the choice to move?  I would probably still be living in New York and working there.  I doubt I’d be married to anyone else.  I don’t think I’d be as involved in the “community” as I am now, so I wouldn’t have some of the great friendships I’ve formed over the years either.

I think I made the right decision.

But anyway, I am WAAAAAY more interested in hearing how everyone else has to say for this topic.  What is the one decision you’ve made and how would your life be different if you had made a different decision?

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