642 Things to Write About: Week 36

The best advice for a teen just graduating from high school

Be kind to everyone.  It does matter.  When you have an unfavorable opinion or criticism about something, always remember that you never know who may be listening.

Listen to your gut.  Even if it is telling you to do the opposite of what you want to do, always trust that little voice.

Never let anyone pressure you into doing something that you don’t want to do.  Always take a step back and ask yourself, “Am I willing to live with this decision for the rest of my life?  Is it worth the consequences?”

Don’t be so closed-minded that you miss out on an opportunity.  As you mature, you’ll learn the difference between being taken advantage of, going with the flow, and picking and choosing your battles.

Remember that you don’t know what kind of day the person next to you is having.  Treat everyone as though they are having a bad day and they will remember your kindness.

Karma is a bitch.  But what goes around always comes back around, even if you aren’t around to see it.

Life is not fair.  Get over it.

Stick to your convictions, but learn to understand the views of the other side.  This will give you compassion and an upper hand in any argument.

Apologize when you are wrong.

Having an open mind is not necessarily a bad thing.

You will have two profound moments in growing up: The first moment is the day you realize that your parents were right all along.  Appreciate and listen to them.  The second moment is the day you realize that your parents are not always right.  Try not to react to this realization with too much tequila.

Never drink on an empty stomach.  Repeat after me: “Beer before liquor never been sicker; liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.”

Sing often.  Laugh often.  Have passion.  Be inspired.  With drive and ambition, you’ll see results.

Sing with me: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just may find you get what you need.”

And finally, remember that nothing is ever so bad that you aren’t strong enough to survive it.  No matter how dark things may seem, live by the mantra that this too shall pass.

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