Off to Our Sex Appointment

Part 1 of 2 posts today.

Jay and I have an ultrasound appointment in a half hour to hopefully find out the sex of Baby G. Yeah, you know I made all sorts of jokes yesterday at work about our “sex appointment” and it being “sex day.” My boss even texted me last night, “Good luck tomorrow – thinking of you on sex day!” Sometimes, it really is the little things that make up a fun work environment.

Anyway, we are going to an ultrasound clinic close to where I work called Triangle Imaging Center. The reason we picked them and elected to do the gender reveal ultrasound so early (and out of pocket) is because they offer this technology called Sonostream, which allows remote viewing of the ultrasound session. The most difficult thing for me this pregnancy has been being far away from my family on Long Island. I know that when my parents imagined their first grandchild coming into the world, they didn’t think it would be from 800 miles away. For the longest time, I didn’t want to have children because I didn’t want to rob my mom of the expected grandma experience. My parents lived in the apartment downstairs in my grandparents’ house while my mom was pregnant with me, so there’s a huge part of me that carries a lot of guilt that my mom isn’t having the same experience that my grandma got. So, when I found that Triangle Imaging Center offered Sonostream, I really wanted to do it. I saw they do gender appointments starting at 15 weeks AND took Saturday appointments, so it was perfect since I’m 15 weeks today. My parents and Jay’s parents will get to watch the session live and find out Baby G’s sex at the same time as us. I think my mom is even making a little party of it with my aunt and grandma and bagels, lox and strufuli!

Eeek we are almost there. Gotta go (in every way you could mean that sentence, haha. They said to hydrate and I’m so bloated from water retention right now that it hurts to breathe lol).

For the record, I think boy and Jay thinks girl. Here we go!!

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