Easter 2014

Happy Easter to all my friends out there who celebrated it today. I hope it was a great day for you. Jay and I had a very low key Easter here in Raleigh and as much as I missed seeing family today, it was a really great day. The past two Easters have been a bit on the sad side and I thought today was going to be a difficult day. I got most of it out of my system yesterday, though, and today ended up being quite nice.

We headed to Easter mass at 11:30 this morning and were proud that we got there early enough to get a seat, haha. After mass, we hit up Another Broken Egg Cafe for a delicious brunch. I’m always boring and get an egg white omelet whenever I go out for breakfast or brunch, but today, I lived life on the edge and got a blueberry pancake/eggs combo with a side of sausage. I even got a regular coffee. Woo, living it up at 8 months pregnant, haha. Seriously, though, brunch was awesome, even if I was too full to eat much the rest of the day, lol. Baby G and I were well-fed this afternoon.

After brunch, Jay and I had every intention of starting to set up the crib…well, of Jay setting up the crib while I supervised…but we accidentally ended up taking a nap instead. Oops. I suddenly started feeling nauseous, exhausted, and generally uncomfortable while we were at the movies last night (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and despite getting a solid night’s sleep, was having some residual exhaustion today. The nap, though unplanned, was much needed, I guess. After we woke up, we decided to take advantage of the favorable weather conditions and go for a walk at the North Carolina Museum of Art. My bladder and exhaustion got the best of me, though, and we only ended up walking for about an hour. Regardless, it was a really pleasant hour spent outdoors with my best friend.

I had to rest a little more after the walk, but was starting to feel a little bit hungry again around 7:30 p.m. I wasn’t hungry enough for dinner, so we did the next best thing – ICE CREAM! No joke, I have had ice cream more times over the past few months than I did in the last 5 years. I always got a stomachache from eating ice cream, so I tended to avoid it unless it was a special treat, but pregnancy seems to have helped with that problem and with my heartburn (I have acid reflux caused by a hiatal hernia). Go figure, right?

On the way to get ice cream, we had an amazing sunset. The sky was this bright orange and gold color. We took several pictures, but none of them really seemed to do it justice. It was just one of those beautiful things that make you stop and appreciate life. I cried a lot at the end of the day for the last two Easters, but this year. I’m going to bed with a smile on my face and a peaceful soul. Yup, I’m super cheesy right now, but I think we’re all allowed to be every once in a while, lol. Hope you had a nice Easter (or even just a nice Sunday), too! 🙂



Our sunset tonight.

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