Nursery, Phase 2: Furniture!

Baby G’s nursery is almost ready for him. Last time I updated, it was freshly painted. Over the past month, we’ve added in a crib, glider, and dresser. All we need now is to decorate a little bit more and add bedding, even though of course, he won’t be using any blankets or bedding for a while. We are going to order this set within the next week or so. The crib we got is a crib/changer combo and it matches the dresser. Both are from the Sorelle Verona Collection at Babies R Us. The glider is not a part of the set, but it matches pretty damn well since both are cherry wood. The crib has the option to convert into a toddler bed and eventually a full-sized bed if we choose to use it as such.

Anyway, the bulk of the nursery is now in place! Thank you so much to Jay’s parents for the crib, my grandma for the dresser, and our good friend Kolkie for the glider. Also, a huge thank you to Dale for picking up both the crib and dresser in his truck. Just a head’s up to anyone ordering anything heavy from Babies R Us: they only do curbside delivery, so if you figure it’s worth it to pay the delivery fee to your house, make sure you have strong and able bodies who can carry your furniture inside and (if applicable) up stairs for you because the delivery men sure won’t do it. Thank you to Jack and Dale for helping carry each one inside, particularly carrying the dresser up two flights of stairs to the third floor. I cannot thank you each enough! Finally, the biggest props goes to Jay for being an all-around awesome husband/daddy and putting the crib and glider together and setting up the entire room in general. I haven’t done a damn thing other than show up and take pictures to post on social media, lol. I guess my part starts now with the laundry! 😛 I cannot believe how quickly the time is going. One month until my due date, so within 6 weeks, we’ll have a baby. Aaaahhh!!

And now, for some pictures:

Jay assembling the crib/changer combo:


Crib and glider all set up and ready for baby:


Carrying the dresser upstairs (flight 1 of 2) :


The dresser all set up and waiting for clothing:



Zoe surveys all that is not hers…


Bonus – My grandma sent the baby my grandfather’s baby blanket. It’s handmade from 1931, so it’s 83 years old. Having it for our son means so much to me. Here’s a picture of it:


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