Why Must a New Baby be a Negative?

[Note: I said something about this subject in my last post, but wanted to expand a little bit. This post is not for all of the people who left me nice comments here or on Twitter, but merely to get something that’s been bugging me for the past eight months off of my chest. I promise, I’m not even in a bad mood right now.]

We found out we were having a baby back at the beginning of October 2013. We started telling people after a few weeks and made it publicly known via Facebook on December 8. Pretty much for the past eight months, people have been driving me crazy with their never ending “warnings” about how ‘bad’ life is apparently about to get.

People really know how to turn having a baby into a negative thing. Since the start, we have heard constant comments including but not limited to the following:

  • “You’ll never have money again.”
  • “Better get all your sleeping in now, because once baby comes, that’s the end of sleeping!”
  • “Say goodbye to your modesty.”
  • “Hope you don’t mind not showering for a while…”
  • “Say goodbye to freedom!”
  • “Better have fun now, because you won’t be having any date nights/seeing any movies/going on any trips/etc. for a while.”

Why do people feel need to point these things out? Are they trying to rain on our parade by making sure we know all the ways that life is supposedly about to change for the worse? I just don’t get it. Contrary to what everyone told Jay before our wedding, his life didn’t end after marriage. Life will not end after baby. Sure, it will change. It will change for the better, no matter how many sleepless nights or sacrificed showers.

If one more person says to us, “Get those movies in while you still can,” I am going to roll my eyes out of my head and scream so loudly you can hear me across the damn country. Gee, if only we had thought about what having a child meant before we decided to have a fucking child. Eight months of people pointing out the negatives. Give it a rest, everyone. I know I’m about to be peed and shit on. I’m fucking fine with that. Bring on the poop!

If you have said something to the effect of, “Your life is about to change in the best way possible,” or commented under a picture with, “Thank you for sharing this experience,” thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much those remarks make me smile.

So, in conclusion, if you are scrolling down your Facebook feed and see an expecting couple post a picture of themselves out on a date night, don’t be that person who tries to be funny by telling them it’s the last night out they’ll be able to afford for a while. I’ll bet my next paycheck that they know what it means to have a baby and just want to enjoy their limited time together as a twosome. Just give us that. Then, bring on the poop!

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