39 Weeks!

Well, another week, and yup, I’m still pregnant! I know four gals who had their babies over the last four days. It feels like everyone is having babies but me. Meh, mine must take after his father, because he is still hanging out, in no rush to join us out here. I was born at 34 weeks and Jay was born at 41 weeks, so obviously Baby G has not inherited my general sense of urgency, lol. That sense of urgency and impatience is not helping me in the home stretch. I know, we aren’t even at 40 weeks yet, but I am the type of person who tries to complete a task as soon as it’s assigned. I’m one of those “Go! Go! Go!” type people. The waiting is killing me!

Anyway, the good news is that I’m finally 1cm dilated. I know this means absolutely nothing, but at least it wasn’t the same old “soft but closed” news from the past three weeks. I took that as a  step in the right direction because at least something is happening. I’ve had very little cramping and Braxton Hicks contractions in the last week, so I wasn’t expecting anything. 1cm was a pleasant surprise. The other good thing was this ob was one we’ve seen before (unlike the one we had last week) and was much nicer about giving us hope that he’d be here soon. She also talked to us about scheduling an induction date. If he hasn’t arrived by next Monday (June 16) then we’ll pick a date that’ll fall within the next week. So, by June 23, Baby G will definitely be here, whether he’s decided to come out on his own or not!

This may or may not be my last update. Hopefully, by this time next week, I will have a baby announcement post instead of a “40 Weeks!” update. Otherwise, see ya next week. Same time, same place.


  • Doc made a guess that Baby G is currently around 7.2-7.4lbs. I have no idea how they make these guesses, haha, but I’ve been convinced that he is going to be a 9lb baby. Maybe by June 23, he will be, haha.
  • The fundal measurements have him right on track.
  • Weight gain: 25lbs. I’d lost 2lbs last week, but gained them back again this week.
  • Doc said things were “progressing right on schedule” and wouldn’t be surprised if Baby G was born right around his due date. Part of me thinks she was just saying that to keep my spirits up, though.
  • My leg randomly goes numb when I walk. I have to kick it out, like I’m a dog or a horse, in order to wake it back up. I must look SO funny to anyone passing by me when I’m walking. Ah, the perils of a big uterus and a bunch of nerves!


Taken on June 7, at 39 weeks:



Also taken on June 7, for comparison of how different my belly looks with and without clothing on. Honestly, I’m not as small as I look in these. Never doubt the power of a good angle, I guess.



Chilling with Zoe on June 8, trying to motivate myself to go for a walk:


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