Meghan Trainor at Crabtree Valley Mall

So today, I took Zachary to his first “concert.” Jay is obsessed with that song “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor and played it several times during our drive to and from Long Island last week. As luck would have it, when he returned to work on Friday, he noticed a sign at the mall announcing that Meghan Trainor would be performing there today. Always on the lookout for something to do, I decided to take Zach up there and check it out. She performed three songs on her own and one song with a boy band called AJR (they performed first). AJR performed first, but I missed them. Trainor was good. I’m unfamiliar with her other music, but I’ll go check it out now. She sounded different than she does on the radio edit of “All About that Bass,” much better. Since Jay got stuck at work and ended up missing the performance, I took a video of it for him. Enjoy!

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