The Adventures of Zach & Zoe Begin

NOTE: I started this post six weeks ago, when Zachary was five weeks old. I have long wanted to do posts of The Adventures of Zach and Zoe but kept putting it off. I’ve got six weeks worth of post ideas built up to share, so you’ve been warned…]


…well, okay, maybe “begin” is a little bit of an optimistic statement to make. They had a rough beginning, but after several weeks with Zachary, our little Zoe finally started warming up to him. When we first brought him home, she sniffed him in his car seat carrier and decided, “Hell no.” She then hid upstairs under our bed for several weeks before slowly starting to creep out. I think she accepted that he wasn’t going away and curiosity finally got the better of her. That, and after he hit that three week growth spurt, he was “talking” a lot more and I think she then recognized that he wasn’t another kitty to replace her, but rather a loud little human being. As of now, when he’s almost eleven weeks old, she still doesn’t quite know what to make of him and is still a bit frightened to touch him, but as you’ll see over this series of blog posts, she’s gotten better.

The Beginning:

Zoe checking Zach out right after he came home from the hospital. She was considerably less impressed with him than the rest of us were:





As the days went on that first week he was home, she tentatively approached before deciding, “Nope, still want nothing to do with this strange creature.”



But, at some point, curiosity got the better of our little Zobo. That, and she missed Mommy and Daddy’s attention, haha. When Zach was almost three weeks old, she approached again:


We were so relieved that Zoe was no longer hiding under the our bed 90% of the day (we were actually legitimately worried about her). When Zachary was four weeks old, she dared to get even closer while he would nap. First, on July 12, while I was holding her…


Then again on July 15 on her own…


One evening, when Zachary was five weeks old, Zoe dared to approach while he was awake and listened to what he had to say:

Two days later, she was no longer afraid to be close to him and decided it was time to share Mommy:


So The Adventures of Zach and Zoe begin when Zachary Louis was five weeks old. Watch out for their next adventures. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

I’ll leave you with this image of Zoe saying goodbye to Zach as Jay and I prepare to take him out of the house. I think we were going to lunch early in the week before Jay left for San Diego Comic-Con. Stay tuned!


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