The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack Returns


The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack returned this morning, September 22, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the pilot of LOST airing. Jay and Jack will be releasing 30 episodes over the next year for what they are calling the “Tenth Anniversary Retrospective.” Each podcast will focus on something different, from certain LOST episodes (for instance, this first podcast talks about the pilot) to pivotal moments and feature special guests – podcasting friends and maybe even cast/crew members. Subscribe to the Lost Podcast feed here: If you already are a Jay & Jack PLUS member, shows will be released there too.

Jay & Jack’s iconic logo was spruced up by Jacob Parr, who redid a lot of the logos for Jay and Jack PLUS. For one week only (so until Sunday, Sept. 28), he will be selling a t-shirt (below) on his Etsy shirt to commemorate ten years of LOST.  Check out his shop here: and pick up a shirt if you’re so inclined!



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