Pumpkin Picking in the 919

I know I keep promising to update more but I’m having that work/life balance issue right now. One of these days, I am going to sit down and document Zach’s big moments, even if no one cares by the time that I do. Maybe I’ll challenge myself to do that before Thanksgiving.

Last weekend, Jay and I took Zachary Louis to a pumpkin farm to go pumpkin picking. It also had a hayride and a corn maze. We went to a small, local farm called Page Farms. For the most part, Zach did okay. He had had a busy morning before we went, so he was tired by the time we got there. He enjoyed the first half of the hayride, but it went a little too long (for anyone, not just a baby) and he started to get fussy after about ten minutes. They did have llamas at this farm, though, and as a devoted fan of The Emperor’s New Groove, I found that to be exciting. He fell asleep during the actual pumpkin picking portion of our program, but woke up just in time for the corn maze. We each got a pumpkin (Jay and I co-picked out Zachary’s) and I had a blast.

So without blabbing on more, here’s our day in pictures. …And yes, I totally dressed Zach up to match me. Enjoy!

Mr. Cool Dude is all set to find out what this pumpkin picking stuff is all about.


Kisses from Mommy as we wait for the hayride to start.





Close-up taken by Daddy. I may be bias, but I think he’s the best lookin’ baby in the world.


Looking at the animals with Daddy.



Llama faaaaaaaaaace!



Family selfie on the hayride.



Jay checking out some of our pumpkin options.


Since I was holding a sleeping Zach, Jay had to carry all three of our pumpkins. 


Corn maze time.



But first, we have to take that requisite picture of our son next to his first pumpkin, haha.



Corn mazin’






Family picture. Yes, I know my boobs look weirdly uneven. IT WAS THE ANGLE, OKAY?!


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