Treats by Theresa

I always love the chance to plug my friends’ endeavors, whether it’s an Esty shop, Kickstarter, their blogs, listening to their podcast, etc. Today, I need to give a shout out to my cousin Theresa and her delicious Etsy shop. It’s call Treats by Theresa, and it features a variety of delightfully tasty goodies, particularly different flavored gourmet jellies and jams, pickles & peppers, and desserts. She also has a few other non-food items up for sale, as well. If you have a moment, please check it out:

TreatsbyTheresa-caramelapplejellyMy favorite item sold on Treats by Theresa is the Caramel Apple Jelly. I love it so much that I can go through an entire jar by myself in less than two weeks. I got Jay into it, too, and now when we order it, we have to order two so we can each have one. I highly recommend it. Another good one is the Pepper Jam. That’s my sister’s favorite. The California Red Wine Jelly is also quite delicious. Her desserts are great too, particularly the tree bark (which I don’t think is up right now, but she’ll make it on request). We also have a jar of pickles in our fridge right now that she made for us for Christmas. Also outstanding.

I know that they’re a little pricy after shipping, but if you’re into gourmet jellies and jams, I can’t recommend Treats by Theresa enough. Please consider checking out her store and giving some of her items a try. Thank you!


[Side note: This is a great article on how “commercial” Etsy has become. From now on, I’m going to try to support the individual shops on there rather than the ones that probably belong to “the man.”]

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