The Broadcast!


I’m doing a new podcast! It’s called “The Broadcast” and my cohosts are my old roommate from Astoria, Amanda, and my cohost on The Tribe, Shandy. If you have iTunes, you can subscribe here: or if you use the Podcasts App on your iPhone, you can put our feed into your Safari browser and it will bring it up: If you want to search for “The Broadcast” in another podcatcher app, just look for our logo and please consider subscribing and leaving us a nice 5-star review on iTunes. That is the thing that will help us get featured on iTunes (subscribing and reviews). Thank you!

So how did The Broadcast come about? The idea started a few years ago when Amanda and I were reminiscing about the MetroBuzz days and how much fun we had doing the Rooftop Sessions episodes. The Rooftop Sessions were special MetroBuzz episodes we recorded outside on the little roof of our apartment in summer 2007 and 2008. We generally recorded them when we had guests over, and the four of us (Me, John, Amanda, and the guest) would shoot the shit for 1.5-2 hours. I have such fond memories of that time period, and I’ve always wanted to try to recapture the magic when the time was right. Amanda has always floated the idea of us doing a podcast, but the timing was never right. Now that life has quieted down a little bit, I thought maybe the time was right. I didn’t want to do another TV-based podcast and have always loved Jay and Jack’s podcast, “The Married Man Show,” so I thought maybe we could do something with a loose format that was feedback-driven. Something where we could chat about our perspectives on life while being simultaneously silly and serious.

So, I texted Amanda at the beginning of May to ask her if podcasting was still feasible for her schedule, and she said yes. Bringing Shandy on board was pretty much a no-brainer; if I want to do a podcast filled with funny, intelligent women, then Shandy and Amanda were my girls. I floated the idea in the Jay and Jack Patrons-only Facebook group, and someone suggested calling it “The Broadcast.” I loved the name. Amanda and Shandy loved the name. And thus, the Broadcast was born.

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