Mattress Shoppin’

Jay and I are at one of those inevitable couples conundrums: disagreeing about mattresses. Jay HATES our current mattress and I hear about it every damn day and night. He needs no excuse to go in Zach’s room and sleep on his new, more comfortable mattress (a year old), haha.

While I freely admit that we don’t have the Rolls Royce of mattresses (it’s from a 2013 Groupon lol), I find it still comfortable enough not to bother me and don’t think we need a new mattress immediately. I am willing to be persuaded and am open to replacing the current one for the right mattress and price. My problem is that mattresses can be so darn expensive. I know investing in the right one can last a long time and make all of the difference in a good night’s sleep. We’ll check out Mattress Firm (where we got our suuuuuuper comfortable guest mattress) but other than that, I’m going to look online. I’ve heard of Casper since they advertise on literally every podcast ever haha but what are some other ones? Jay is a big advocate for Purple Mattress. Are there other good ones that are quality? If we’re going to drop money on a new king-sized mattress, it may as well be a good one that’s gonna last a while.

Anyone have any suggestions? Or even a promo code? I’m a side or stomach sleeper and Jay is a side sleeper. He has broad shoulders and wants a mattress that accommodates that. Thanks!

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