The Broadcast Ep. 2.32 “Get Out of My Box”

Another week, another new episode of The Broadcast is out. On this week’s episode, titled, “Get Out of My Box,” we start off lightly, discussing my (then future) visit to the Social Security Administration’s office to get Alex’s SS number, Amanda’s issues with the post office’s inconvenient hours for working people, and Shandy’s opportunity to audition to be an extra on “Big Little Lies.” We then move into some serious territory as we revisit a November discussion about gun control, school shootings, student walkouts, etc. The episode ends on a lighter note when we answer some feedback about objects being found in strange places or under crazy circumstances. All in all, it’s a solid ep.

You can listen to it here, here, or on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play/Android, etc.

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