Some The Broadcast Updates

Hello! It’s Monday and since The Broadcast is recording our second annual crossover with The Real Weird Sisters tomorrow night, I figured I would do a little update to plug our most recent episodes and solicit feedback for our crossover.

Ep. 3.25, “Almost Kidnapped” –  Our first episode of 2019! We came back from the holiday break with lots of tales of adventures, including searching through a snow cemetery, driving through torrential downpours, speeding tickets, a failed massage, airplane trouble, and an almost-kidnapping.

Ep. 3.26, “I Forking Love It” We discuss the new Gilette ad, a weekend without the Internet, a cranky former neighbor, Amanda’s injured mouse-clicking finger, and more. A listener email inspires a discussion about sexism, both overt and implicit.

Ep. 3.27, “A Corn Maze for Your Ears” – I share Alex’s latest milestone, Shandy tells us about a life-changing purchase, and Amanda’s cat is having a midlife crisis. We also talk eggs, how you like your bacon, the Oscars, awkward things that we don’t talk about, and more.

Finally, here is a link to our last crossover episode with The Real Weird Sisters, Ep. 2.30, “I’m with Heriscus: The Real Weird Crossover.” We had a ton of fun with Alice and Martha discussing things like wizard birth control, the real use for the Room of Requirement, feminism in the Harry Potter universe, and of course, the gazillion Marry/F/Kill choices sent in from listeners, haha. We are so excited to get to chat with them again. Please send us any feedback to or 331-BROADS3 (331-276-2373) and make sure you check out The Real Weird Sisters’ podcast if you haven’t already!

You can listen to The Broadcast via jayandjack.comiTunes, SpotifySpreakerStitcherGoogle Play/Android, etc.

Happy Listening and thanks for listening.

Listen to “The Broadcast Ep. 3.27 “A Corn Maze for Your Ears”” on Spreaker.

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