NCGeocachers’ Fall Fling 2019

Last Saturday, Zachary and I drove to Goldsboro, NC, to attend our first geocaching Fall Fling. Fall Fling is a yearly meetup for geocachers in North Carolina. It’s essentially like the meetup that we host for our podcasting friends every May.  People were there from all over the state. One woman even came down from Virginia.

We had a blast! I met a lot of new people, including people whose geocaches I’ve found all over the Raleigh/Cary area and people that I’ve messaged before looking for hints on where their caches are hidden, haha. Everyone was super nice and welcoming and very patient with Zach, who was feeling very headstrong and independent that day, hahaha. They had giveaways and a “creative cache” exchange. For the kids, they had cornhole and, the big winner for Zach, the opportunity to paint their own ammo can to hide someday. Zach painted two, of course, and was not shy about his very desire to stay at the picnic table areas and paint rather than join the small groups that had broken out to go find geocaches hidden in the park.

Here’s Zach with an adjustable walking stick that he “won” and his two painted amo cans:

I wasn’t going to do the creative cache exchange because I have no idea where or how to hide a geocache, but I also didn’t want to show up empty-handed so I took to Pinterest the night before we went and made ones for me and Zach to exchange. They’re okay. I feel badly for the people who won ours because they were kinda lame compared to some of the ones that I saw being exchanged (it was a blind exchange so you got what you got through luck).

As you can see above, one of them is a small lock ‘n’ lock container with fake leaves glued on it. The other one is a smaller pill container with the Star Wars’ Resistance symbol on it. I wish I had kept the Star Wars one because the person who won it definitely had no idea what to do with it and I could tell they were disappointed. I was a little embarrassed, but at least I have a whole year to find something cooler to give next time.

Here are the containers that Zach and I won:The one with the puzzles on it is so cute and whoever made it filled it with goodies. I will have to remember to do that next time, too. I would love to create a puzzle cache for people to solve and use that box to hide. Maybe one day… 

Anyways, I think the current plan is to hide one of Zach’s ammo cans somewhere near where we live in Raleigh and bring the other one up to Long Island and hide it near my parents’ house with my dad as the cache owner. Surprisingly, Zachary has been on board with this idea and is excited about hiding them. I thought for sure that he would push back and want to keep them both.

Okay, this super dorky post is over now. Thanks for reading!

Zach made a mess with paint.

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