The Ted Lasso Loot Crate Box!

Head’s up: This is one of two Ted Lasso-related posts I’ll be posting…

About a month ago, Jay sent me a text with a link to a free Loot Crate box full of Ted Lasso-related items. Since we’re big fans, we jumped on it real quick, and about two weeks ago, they arrived! It’s so much fun. It came with a kit (tape to cover Dubai Air not included), a visor, the “Believe” sign, and an AFC Richmond scarf. It’s so much fun!

Anyways, I just wanted to share and thank Loot Crate and whatever Ted Lasso production team put this together. I love it! I put the “Believe” sign over the door to my office. It may be dorky, but I feel like that sign is a perfect representation of those of us who aren’t quite ready to give up the fight in a post-2016, post-2020, and all-around “everything” world. Sure, we may be relegated and not able to pull it together, but with the best of intentions, there’s always hope. I’m a Yankees fan, but even I can get behind, “Ya gotta believe.”

The full caboodle:

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