The Walls Are Closing In

We were notified that Zachary was exposed to covid at a birthday party he attended on Saturday. One of his classmates that was at the party tested positive. Thankfully, because he has been fully vaccinated for more than two weeks, he does not have to quarantine, but we will all get covid tests on Wednesday or Thursday just to be safe so we don’t bring covid to Christmas dinner.

It seems that everyone I know is getting phone calls and emails like the ones we got. All weekend, friends and family told me that they’d been notified that they or someone they’d come into contact with had been exposed. Jay and I came to the realization last night that although we’ve been lucky and thus far haven’t had covid (that we know of; we suspect Jay & Alex had it in February 2020 but will never know for sure), that we probably won’t be able to escape Omicron. It’s a weird feeling; like the walls are closing in. Like we’ve been playing a video game or hide ‘n’ seek and have thus far managed to outrun and successfully dodge this big bad that’s been looming large for almost two years, only now there’s nowhere left to hide and although we’ve armored up, it’s going to get us. It’s inevitable.

I know that when we get COVID, it shouldn’t be that bad. Three of us are vaccinated, and Alex is young and shouldn’t be hit hard by it. It will be annoying to be stuck inside for two weeks but we’ll all be fine. As I’m writing this, we JUST got an email from Alex’s school saying that a child in the other preschool class has tested positive and everyone from that classroom will have to quarantine. See? It’s is coming for us.

I know this post sounds alarmist and is probably making a lot of eyeballs roll, lol. The amount of people I know right now who have been exposed or tested positive is just really messing with my anxiety right now. It just feels like we can’t escape it anymore. Does anyone else feel like this?

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