Goodbye, 37!

37 was a weird year, a year of change, but I learned a lot and got propelled forward, so I can’t say it was a bad year. It was just an unexpected one.

I guess milestones like a birthday kinda make people reflect on where they were a year ago. When I started writing this post, I was going to point out how completely, unexpectedly different my life is this year as opposed to last year but then I thought about how different February 2021 was from February 2020 (no pandemic yet), and that reminded of me how different February 2020 was from February 2019 (my office moved at the end of 2019). Yet still, I could argue that today in February 2018 was clearly the biggest difference of all because Alex wasn’t born until February 9, 2018! And on my birthday in 2017, we still didn’t know what was going to happen with our attempt to purchase Perfect House, so we were in the townhouse. My entire world turned upside down when life came at me fast in 2016, who/where I was emotionally, mentally, and maturity-wise in February 2016 was completely different than where I was by the time February 2017 rolled around.

I could go on and on but I suppose the exercise of this post is for a generally anxious person to recognize that different doesn’t need to be sad because things have always been different from year-to-year. Life goes on and that isn’t bad. Embrace it and do what you can to either enjoy or survivor 2022’s ride. See you in February 2023, self.

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