What’s in a Wordle?

I love me my daily Wordle and hope that the NY Times keeps it free forever. This probably won’t happen or we’re about to get bombarded with a million pop-up ads and videos in between every guess, but whatever, I’ll enjoy the ride while we’re on it.

There’s been about 1,329 spin-offs and copycat Wordles and I thought I’d put the more popular alternatives in one place for my and your convenience. Here we go:

  • Wordle2: Similar to OG Wordle, only with 6-letter words and a new puzzle is available every 12 hours instead of every 24.
  • Quordle: Holy crap, Quordle is difficult! There’s a daily version and an unlimited version, so after bombing my first attempt at the daily version, I spent a good two hours on this game on Saturday night. Essentially, it’s four different Wordle games going on at the same time and you have nine tries to guess all four correctly. The word you guess applies to all four at once which adds a new level of strategy. It’s a SUPER fun challenge.
  • Nerdle: Nerdle is probably my favorite out of all of the spin-offs that I’ve done so far. IT’S MATH WORDLE!!!!!! It updates twice a day and you can change it between easy and hard mode to get different puzzles. I’m super into Nerdle, lol. If you’re really into torturing yourself, there’s also Primel, which is Wordle but with prime numbers.
  • Lewdle and Sweardle: Here are your token dirty word, NSFW versions of Wordle. Lewdle sticks with the five-letter format while Sweardle is your classic four-letter words. Surprisingly, I struggle with coming up with five-letter dirty words to use lol. These are fun for playing once or twice for the giggles but they’re not on my daily to-do list.
  • Taylordle and Wordle-BTS: I talked about the Taylor Swift version of Wordle on my 2.2.22 post. Predictably, there’s also one for BTS. I respect that the BTS one is straight to the point with its title.
  • Worldle: This is a very last-minute edition. It’s Wordle meets Where in the World is Carmen San Diego and it’s not easy! Good luck!

There’s a gazillion more copycats out there but those are the ones I thought were the most fun/noteworthy. If I missed any, let me know in the comments! I’m loving this new era of brainteasers being mainstream.

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