Ep. 11: A New Attitude


We pick back up with G.O.B.’s storyline and right off the bat, get another Modern Family joke, this time with Michael and G.O.B. accusing each other of dating Julie Bowen.  Michael gives G.O.B. a job selling houses in Sudden Valley and G.O.B. signs the release.  Later that night. George Michael, summoned by G.O.B. under the pretense of talking about his father, meets his uncle at the Gothic Castle (not the Gothic Asshole).  Turns out G.O.B. needs to use GM as “legal eye candy” so he can fit in at the gay club and stage a fight with his boyfriend in his attempt to undermine Tony Wonder.  He gets more than he bargains for, however, when he watches Tony’s show and bonds with Tony over secrets of the trade afterwards.  They end up having a fun tonight together (stealing pies and the like).

The next morning, we see more of the scene between G.O.B. and Tobias that we saw during the Ep. 9.  You know, the one where they both brag about dating people who are kinda famous and G.O.B. then sells Tobias a house?  It turns out that Tobias knows other people will similar needs (fellow registered sex offenders): “I have a man that could fill every opening you have.”  G.O.B. continues with his plan to make Tony fall in love with him as Lucille calls him and we see the rest of the phone call between him and his mother that was started in the previous episode.  Tony, on the other hand, is revealed to actually be straight and in cahoots (and bed) with none other than Sally Sitwell, who stole $100,00 from Lucille 2 to rebrand Tony as the “Gay Magician.”  Tony overheard George Michael telling his uncle about his FakeBlock software and hatches a plan to steal GM’s cell phone number from G.O.B.’s phone in order get a hold of the money that the software is bringing in.

Michael and Gene are follow G.O.B. to “the gayest ballroom” that Siri can give him directions to.  The brothers get into a fight and Michael gets the bruise on his face from a little kid with a giant inflatable crayon.  An outraged Michael kicks both G.O.B. and George Sr. out of the movie.  The eldest Bluth brother meets up with Tony Wonder and they bond some more over what they have in common (“Same!”).  The two magicians realize that they have actual feelings (of friendship) for each other, something that they mistake for romantic feelings because neither have ever felt real feelings for friendship before.  They make plans to have gay normal sex on Cinco.  Same!

On Cinco, G.O.B. runs into Ann who reveals that she has a 5-year-old son by Tony Wonder.  G.O.B. is outraged to learn that Tony is straight.  He has a plan to dress Ann up in a G.O.B. mask to have “fake, gay sex” with Tony that will then be revealed as “real, straight sex” that will ruin his career.  Ann refuses to go with this plan, so G.O.B. thinks he convinces her to have sex with him wearing a G.O.B. mask while he wears a Tony mask.  Ann runs into Tony in the kitchen (“You?” “Ann.”) and convinces him to wear the G.O.B. mask while she wears the Tony mask.  “Meet me in the bedroom for some serious secular intercourse,” she says before walking out the door.  You know where this is going.

And that’s who G.O.B. spent the night with before Michael walked into the model home in the opening scene.  It’s also revealed during the “On the next…” segment that Rebel’s other boyfriend is actually George Michael.

Things to Note:

  • Wasn’t the Gothic Castle the same place that Tobias went during his Leather Daddy phase in “Storming the Castle”?
  • Great Tobias slam by Michael: “If I want to see bad acting, I’ll go see Tobias in ‘A Jew Comes to Dinner.'”
  • The “Balls in the Air” song was also used during “Notapusy” episode.
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