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Book Review: While Justice Sleeps

Woo-hoo, I’ve now read two books in 2022, which ties the total number of books I read in 2018-2021, 😂😂😂. One more, and I’ll have met my goal to read three books in 2022. I may even up my goal … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Guest List

I don’t think I read any books in 2018. I read one book in 2019 and no books in 2020. I read one book (A Wrinkle in Time lol) in December 2021 and that was because I bought it in … Continue reading

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But Seriously.

Well, here we are again. This is probably the third or fourth time in the last two years that I have done a mea culpa for disappearing and then come back, vowing to blog on the regular again. Yet, here … Continue reading

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Serafina and the Black Cloak

I read a book! (I really need to do that more often.) And, I liked it a lot. It was a wonderful young adult novel called Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty. Okay, well technically, the book is described … Continue reading

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The Lost Sherlock Holmes Story (Maybe)

I saw this story a couple of weeks ago, but I finally got around to reading it tonight and I wanted to share it in case anyone hasn’t heard about it yet. A “lost” Sherlock Holmes story was recently found … Continue reading

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Finally Finished Gone Girl…

…and I really want to discuss it. I thought the beginning was really good.  It lagged a little in the middle.  Once Part 2 started, it got really excellent.  I loved every minute of actually piecing it all together and … Continue reading

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Review: Book Samplers from SDCC 2013

I’m going to try something new this year. I got a bunch of different books and book screeners from San Diego Comic-Con last month and I want to read and review each of them. It’s somewhat of a big undertaking … Continue reading

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So I Read J.K. Rowling’s ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling…’

…and it’s really good!  I love mystery stories of any kind.  I think it’s because I grew up on Encyclopedia Brown then went onto Nancy Drew then the Agatha Christie books, Sherlock Holmes and so on.  I have always loved … Continue reading

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J.K. Rowling has a crime novel out under a fake name.

Um, guys, I just saw on The Leaky Cauldron that J.K. Rowling secretly published a crime novel under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith on April 30! And according to the reviews on Amazon, it’s not bad at all. The book is … Continue reading

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Check Out “The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Body Image” FREE

Happy Sunday, everyone!  My parents are in town right now and it’s been so crazy busy at work that my “creative time” aka blogging time has suffered.  I’m just so pooped by the end of the day!  Anyway, I’ll be … Continue reading

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