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Pumpkin Carving in the 919: 2011 Edition

On Friday night, Jay and I had our annual carve a pumpkin, dress Zoe up in costumes, and drink beer night.  We learned from our mistake of doing it too early last year, when our poor pumpkin didn’t make it … Continue reading

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Toaster O’Lantern

Jay and I usually carve a pumpkin the weekend of Halloween.  I’m not sure if we’ll be able to do it this year because we’re going to Charlotte from Sat-Sun, but I hope we do!  And if we do, I … Continue reading

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It’s not even Halloween yet.

It is an absolutely GORGEOUS day in Raleigh today.  It’s 63 degrees outside and sunny.  There’s no wind.  I changed up my normal gym-pilates-grocery shopping routine this morning in favor of grocery shopping first and going for a hike or … Continue reading

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let the party and the sounds rock on

HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM ME AND ZOE!! Yeah, that’s right.  I’ve become one of those people who dress in matching costumes with their cats.  I have no life lol.  I would’ve put up a picture of our lit Jack-O-Lantern except it … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Carving in the 919: 2010 Edition

I’m a week behind on this, but last Sunday night Jay, Zoe and I carved our Halloween pumpkin.  I dressed Zoe up in her costume for this year, which is a devil.  Yeah, I know she looks more like Little … Continue reading

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Trick or Not Treat

Halloween was a bit of a letdown in terms of Trick or Treaters.  We had none!  Despite all of our excitement – including our jack-o-lantern sitting lit outside the door – no one came by asking for candy.  I was … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Carving in the 919 for ’09

Jay and I finally got a pumpkin tonight for Halloween, which technically began 30 minutes ago.  We both need to come up with ideas for a costume by tomorrow night.  I had bought a costume for Halloween 2007 that I … Continue reading

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Soooo who’s havin’ a Halloween party?

I just finished day 6 out of an 8 day work stretch. I know there are a lot worse jobs out there, but I’m just so sick & tired of being there and not having a real job that I’m … Continue reading

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