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Recovering Lost GarageBand Files

So I was recording MetroBuzz Episode 123 on Monday night when disaster struck.  Just as John & I were starting our sign-offs, GarageBand completely quit on me!  We had 1:20 minutes of audio recorded and it was all gone.  I … Continue reading

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Vote for MetroBuzz for a Podcast Award!

MetroBuzz has been nominated for a podcast award in the category “Best Comedy.”  We are going up against some very fierce competition, but you can vote once daily from Nov. 1 through Nov. 15, so if you have a minute … Continue reading

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MetroBuzz Episode 110 is Out

MetroBuzz episode 110, “MetroMatch” is up on the website and the feed.  If you’re so inclined, click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or here to visit our website.  Below is a “behind-the-scenes” picture from the recording of … Continue reading

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MetroBuzz Extra for Ep. 109

MetroBuzz Episode 109, “Hoods Off” has been released.  If you want to check it out, you can go to the website or you can click here to subscribe to it on iTunes. For those of you who are fans of … Continue reading

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MetroBuzz has reached episode 108

MetroBuzz Episode 108 is up on the iTunes feed now.  Here’s a behind the scenes picture from recording.  Just think: “Moist as a $2 kitten.” Tweet

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Hellooo, I am back from Walt Disney World.  I’ve got pictures and whatnot to post, but since it’s almost midnight on the East Coast and I have to get up early tomorrow and embrace the real world again, I figured … Continue reading

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MetroBuzz: Assemble!

Soooooo John & I will be recording our MetroBuzz reunion show tomorrow (Saturday, May 12) at 4 or 5pm EST.  We’ll be bringing back some of the good ole segments for a big goodbye: Urban Dictionary, WWWTF, Top 5, etc.  … Continue reading

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Forward Motion, Part 1

[NOTE: This post got long.  Like, over 3,000 words long.  I did the page break thing towards the beginning, but I also split it into parts that will be set to go up over the next two or three days.  … Continue reading

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About that Possible MetroBuzz Reunion Show

Hello, everyone! At the request of a few friends, I’m giving a little bit more details in writing about the possible MetroBuzz reunion show for Jay and Jack’s Annual 30 Hour Podcast for Autism Speaks. The goal is to raise … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s (Maybe) Back?

If you haven’t already heard, then you should listen to this. Especially if your name is IrischMatt, Cool Accent Ben, Paul, Dani, Nick, Jess, or James. MetroBuzz Promo I’m very excited. I hope we can raise the money for the … Continue reading

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