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This time of year has always been difficult for me because it’s been filled with endings and sad news. In 1998, one of my close friends passed away on May 17. I graduated from college on May 20, 2006 and spent … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Furman Hall

Note: I tried posting this last night until about 1:15 a.m. on the WordPress app on my phone, but it kept crashing on me.  Pretend all the “tonight’s” are “last night.”  Stupid no Internet ruining my emotional moment! Well, we … Continue reading

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July 12.

So here we are.  July 12.  One month later. I know that time will make it better, but right now, it isn’t.  It actually gets a little bit worse for me each day.  I think living in Raleigh has given … Continue reading

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Tip Toe Back to Normalcy

It’s funny the effects that grieving can have on you.  On one hand, you know that life goes on and you have to go on with it, but at times you find the other hand clutching your forehead as you … Continue reading

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15 Years.

Sometimes, a workweek can drag on forever.  By Friday, Tuesday seems like it was weeks ago.  Other times, you blink your eyes and wonder, “Man, when did it become May 2013?  Did I miss January through April?”  Today, it simultaneously … Continue reading

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March 11

March 11.  It’s been one year since the last day I can truly remember that everything was okay.  And the really fucked up part is that on March 11, 2012, I was so damn hungover that I spent much of … Continue reading

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Good Bye & Good Riddance 2012

So here we are on New Years Eve 2012.  Generally on New Years Eve, I try to do a post that sums up my past year [2008, 2009, 2010, 2011].  For the last several weeks, I have been struggling with … Continue reading

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a moment

I’m having a moment.  The emotional impact of this entire year has started to really hit me this weekend.  Such a year filled with so many obstacles and so much loss.  Everything was perfect in 2011; what happened?  So much … Continue reading

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emotionally challenging

I’ve been angry lately.  It’s permeated through my entire being and affected my aura.  I find my anger materializing in unexpected ways because I have no outlet for it.  I can’t be mad at God because he may retaliate at … Continue reading

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Eleven 9/11s

I don’t have anything to add this year to what I’ve already said in the past (Ten. & 9 years goes by fast.), so I just want to take a minute to honor those who lost their lives that day … Continue reading

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