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San Diego Comic Con ’10 – Saturday

So Saturday started out fairly rocky for us – we hadn’t gotten home until like 2:30am on Friday night after the Jay and Jack meet-up.  So when the alarm went off for 7am to tell us that we had a … Continue reading

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Suggestions for TV Shows to Watch Post “Lost”

Quiet morning at work today so I figured I’d try to keep up with the frequent blogging thing I’ve got going on right now.  Last night, I started watching the 5th season of Supernatural that’s been saved up on the … Continue reading

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Chuck knows a lot of Kung Fu.

I still have to finish up my post about Jay & my’s New Years Eve adventure but I’ve been blah all day when it comes to doing anything.  Mainly because I spent like 3 hours yesterday cleaning out my closet … Continue reading

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That Time I Touched John Casey & Admiral Adama.

Thanks to Nick for the heads up about these signings, because it was freaking the highlight of my day so far.  Behold: Then we dared Chris in Boston to get a picture with him punching him in the face Casey/Jayne … Continue reading

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It Pays to Be a Geek

This is pretty awesome: http://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/TV/04/30/save.chuck.show/index.html but this link within the article is even more surreal: http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-251471 I’ve had a lot of really cool things happen to me since I started podcasting but this has to take the cake.  I submitted … Continue reading

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Stressed, Yet New & Notable

Oy, I spent the day at the doggie cardiologist, cleaning, packing, cleaning up dog puke, contemplating my sick mom’s plea that I leave on Sunday instead of Saturday so she can have “parent time” (she’s been sick since literally last … Continue reading

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