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Obligatory 10/10/10 Post

On the topic of 10/10/10 the lovely Jana coincidentally and completely unintentionally sent me a text tonight at 10:10pm, haha.  I thought that was funny. Anyways, I went home to Long Island this weekend for my cousin Brian’s engagement party … Continue reading

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Why Delta is a Piece of Shit Airline & People Should Boycott Delta

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed for months and months of going to LA for a big LOST finale party that her fiancee and his dad were hosting.  She was so excited and she did … Continue reading

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Hawaii Part 1: The LA X Chronicles

Okay so I’m a week late but hey, it’s my birthday today and I’m determined to not do much at work today lol so, I figured I’d share a bit about the trip to Hawaii.  Since it may get a … Continue reading

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Someone remind Delta we’re in a recession.

Dear Delta, Go fuck yourself. Regards, Colleen Tweet

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