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It’s true, wherever you find love…

Last Tuesday night, Jay, Zoe and I decorated the apartment for Christmas.  I know that I absolutely hate the cold weather, but I also absolutely love Christmas time.  Tonight, as Jay, Clif and I were eating dinner, I was looking … Continue reading

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Silver Lining

Things that are awesome about a day that was not so awesome: The Lost Podcast Music, Vol. I: 2005-2007 is now for sale on iTunes!!!  Link below.  Go buy it if you’re a Jay and Jack fan because mama wants … Continue reading

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Trick or Not Treat

Halloween was a bit of a letdown in terms of Trick or Treaters.  We had none!  Despite all of our excitement – including our jack-o-lantern sitting lit outside the door – no one came by asking for candy.  I was … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Carving in the 919 for ’09

Jay and I finally got a pumpkin tonight for Halloween, which technically began 30 minutes ago.  We both need to come up with ideas for a costume by tomorrow night.  I had bought a costume for Halloween 2007 that I … Continue reading

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Obligatory 9/9/09 Post

Yeah, it’s 11:11pm on 9/9/09 so what better to do than a quick blog post? Today was sad at work.  One of my bosses, Heather, resigned.  She’s probably one of the most awesome people ever, so it was a somber … Continue reading

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A Gift for All of Your on Our Anniversary

I had this whole thing planned where I was going to post up pictures in the correct order from each day of San Diego Comic Con 2009 (4 of us even filmed a teaser for it in the airport leaving … Continue reading

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Comic Con 2009 Preview Night

So yesterday was Day 1 of San Diego Comic Con 2009 aka Preview Night.  Woot.  After Jay & I picked up our rental car (an oh-so-hot PT Cruiser), we made a much anticipated stop at In N Out Burger in … Continue reading

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Comic Con 2009: The Journey There 7.21.09

It’s 12:03am right now and we just got to our hotel.  After a few slight mishaps (the man in pajamas who checked us in at our motel charged my credit card on our first night without asking me first and … Continue reading

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A Nice Calm Little Saturday Before the Storm

Today was the first weekend since the beginning of June that neither I didn’t have anything to do.  It was fabulous. I wish the weather could have been a little more sunny so I could have gotten some rays by … Continue reading

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Jay’s 24th Birthday Weekend

So this weekend was Jay’s Birthday Weekend.  He turned 24 on Friday, March 27.  Side note: Sunday the 29th was my sister Christie’s 20th birthday.  I don’t think she reads this but if she is, Happy Birthday!!! Anyways, I after … Continue reading

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