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Travel Websites Are Anti-Consumers After All

I caught this video on the Today show’s website on Friday, August 24 and as a frequently traveler, it really caught my interest.  I think that it’s definitely worth the watch for any consumer out there that travels and uses … Continue reading

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How About “Opt to Keep Things Moving Smoothly” Day?

Dear Fellow Travelers, I know this is the “Worst Travel Day of the Year” and I know that there’s been a call to arms for protest over the invasive full body scans/Law & Order: TSA Pat Downs, but I’m begging … Continue reading

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A-to the-mothereffing-01

So when I checked into my Southwest flight tonight, I completely forgot that I was flying Business Select.  I booked it kinda late and by then, there was only a $10 difference between that and the lowest tier so I … Continue reading

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