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Check Out Tales from the Cask

Hey everyone!  Last month, friends of ours and members of the Jay & Jack community started a podcast that I want to recommend to everyone to check out.  It’s called “Tales from the Cask” and is presented to you by Chip Mims and his team at Mims Distributing. (Jay & Jack peeps: You’ll know Chip as […]

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642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 17

I originally had a different topic for this week.  I had actually come across the topic a while ago and written most of it back in February.  Given some events that have gone down this week, I decided to share this experience instead and save the original one for next week.  Have a good weekend. […]

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Jay & Jack’s 2013 Autism Speaks Podcast Info

Here is the schedule for 2013’s Autism Speaks Podcast on Saturday, April 13. It begins at 3 p.m. ET. Here’s a website to convert each time to your own time zone. 3pm: Jimmy Aquino 4pm: Beth Shady 5pm: Ralph Apel 6pm: Married Man Show with Dale aka “Warm Taffy” 6:30pm: Pre-recorded interview with Damon Lindelof […]

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Recovering Lost GarageBand Files

So I was recording MetroBuzz Episode 123 on Monday night when disaster struck.  Just as John & I were starting our sign-offs, GarageBand completely quit on me!  We had 1:20 minutes of audio recorded and it was all gone.  I was so upset.  Just as I had resigned myself to listening through John’s side of […]

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Go Team Cupcake!

Attention listeners of Jay and Jack’s Ramblecast!  Vote for Team Cupcake in this week’s Vs. of Hostess Cupcakes Vs. Ding Dongs!  [Ep. 4.11 “It Fits in Your Mouth”]  The voting is at their Facebook page. Tweet

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The First Avenger Wants You!

…To vote for The Avengers in this Jay and Jack’s RambleCast’s Vs. this week. Vote here on their Facebook group. Tweet

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A Public Service Announcement

Vote here before it’s too late 😉 Tweet

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MetroBuzz has reached episode 108

MetroBuzz Episode 108 is up on the iTunes feed now.  Here’s a behind the scenes picture from recording.  Just think: “Moist as a $2 kitten.” Tweet

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Forward Motion, Part 3

I’m really glad that I talked with Jay about how stagnant I’ve been feeling lately.  As I mentioned earlier, he told me that since it didn’t seem like any new opportunities were coming to me, I should use this interim time to create an opportunity and spend some time working on personal projects to help […]

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Thanks for a Great Year 5!

As of tonight, we have raised $5,900 towards the goal of $10,000.  If you’d like to still make a donation through Jay and Jack’s campaign, the options are below this post or if you’re not on the main page, you can see your different options here:  Donations will be accepted through April 30, 2012. […]

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