The Broadcast Ep. 7.26 “Shandy’s Blowout”

A new episode of The Broadcast was released yesterday (Friday, January 20). This week, we were joined in the chat by some of our Hangout-level Patrons and had a grand old time, as always. As always, this episode went places, including a minor debate regarding whether or not your wash your hair right after you get your haircut. What team are you on? Happy Listening!

Official description:

On this week’s episode, there are three Broads having three different Januaries: Dry, damp, and wet. They also talk about Colleen’s upcoming Germany trip, DNA and serial killers, and how dental insurance in the United States is a racket. The Broads also go on an AITA blitz and Shandy seeks knowledge on an age-old question: Do you shower after a haircut? Also, let’s keep our intestines to ourselves!

Unfortunately, we are going to have to postpone our recording our annual crossover episode with The Real Weird Sisters. We hope to get a new date for that soon! On January 27, we’re going to be recording an episode talking about Season 2 of “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” which will be released on Tuesday, February 3.

Listen to “Ep. 7.26 "Shandy's Blowout"” on Spreaker.

Here’s a handy list of some of the platforms you can subscribe to and/or listen to The Broadcast on. If you’re searching for us on another platform or to add us to whatever app you use, you may have better luck searching for us as “The Broadcast with Amanda, Shandy, and Colleen” since there are a few other shows called The Broadcast.

Additionally, the audio from all of the Jay + Jack Productions podcasts get uploaded automatically to this YouTube channel, so if listening that way is your thing, there you go!

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