25 Years is a Long Time.

My dear, sweet, talented, brilliant friend. I cannot believe it’s 25 years.

I have this memory of you from (I think) 5th grade. Our music teacher was working with you for a chorus solo. Maybe we were doing Grease, maybe it was just random. Anyway, she said something like, “It’s in this key” or “It’s these notes” and without hesitation, you went, “So like this?” and adjusted your singing on the spot. I was so impressed that you just knew how to do that. You were so cool and kind.

I miss you, Cassie. I hope you’re still sight-singing with the angels.

I am forever grateful to have known you for that short 14 years. You changed my life.

“Nothing ever so common.”
12.20.83 – 5.17.98

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