2023 Writing Challenge: Week 2

Woot, I made it back for week 2. I’m still trying to get my creative writing groove back, so to gently ease myself back into that mode, I went with a simple yet fun writing prompt. This prompt comes from the sequel to my beloved 642 Things to Write About book, titled, 712 More Things to Write About.

Write a haiku about breakfast.

Since only doing one haiku seemed like an easy way out, I decided to write four haikus, one for each person in my household. Let’s go.


Butter on hot bread
With an avocado spread
Everything seeds top


Sunny, runny eggs
Between two crispy slices
With bacon and cheese


Eggs, bacon, and toast
The breakfast I love the most
Great start to the day


One, two, three, and four
Pancakes, bacon, give me more!
Breakfast is the best.

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