If you wanna know, just ask me.  Give me a beer, a book, and a beach and I’m okay.  On April 29, 2011, I married my best friend.  It was the 4th anniversary of the day that we met in Moore Square in Raleigh, NC.

Fun Fact: I use the picture to the right because the picture that my husband says first attracted him to me.  I have since grown out my Long Island-girl bangs.  Well, sorta.

The new and improved: this site used to be found at Ramblings of a Long Island Girl.

Quotes to live by:

“What’s coming will come and we’ll meet it when it does.” -Dumbledore
“Be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” -Nora Ephron

CONTACT:  Please email Coll.Glatfelter@gmail.com if you need to contact me.  Thank you!

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